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. we will keep you updated. >>> in michigan father and his two young sons narrowly escaped death after a fiery car bomb attack. >> they are leading economic. i need someone here now. >> the frantic 911 call came in tuesday evening as eric was driving his sons to put all -- driving his sons to football practice. witnesses heard a big bang and saw a plume of smoke and their car seemed to melt away. >> by the time i got there the car was completely engulfed. >> they were really blessed not to have been killed. there were seriously injured but they are still alive. that means everything. >> investigators think that the attorney may have been targeted. he is a prominent divorce lawyer in the area. authorities are considering is a criminal matter, not a matter of terrorism. they were taken to the hospital and listed in serious condition. >>> in japan today, people all over the country are cleaning up after a typhoon slammed ashore yesterday. the storm killed at least 10 people when it blew through with 100 mile per hour wind. at least four people are missing. the typhoon also left behind wid
michigan se investiga quien plantÓ la bomba. >>> en california protestan enfermeras para exigir que no les rÉcord ten beneficios esto y mÁs en la ediciÓn nocturna esta noche. >>> una pausa mÁs y maÑana cae el satÉlite averiado que por su tamaÑo pudiera causar daÑos tras entrar en la atmÓsfera, algunos cientÍficos dicen ner unatener idea de donde pudiera caer no le cambie. e tengo. por es siempre he dicho, si lo tienes, muestralo. eres mujer - asi que vistete como mujer. siente te orgullosa. se sexy! mi colecciÓn esta en kmart. vayan! el mundo en vil ante la anunciada caÍda de fragmentos de un satÉlite artificiaartificiaÚo que se sabe que entrarÁ maÑana en la atmÓsfera terrestre veamos. ayer los expertos decÍan que las mÁs de 2 docenas de pedazo de satÉlite podrÍan caer en texas o michigan, o el atlÁntico. >>> esto es algo que no se puede controlar por eso es difÍcil predecir el punto exacto donde caerÁ. >>> pero hoy cientÍficos dicen que los pedazos de satÉlite, podrÍan caer al norte de australia o cerca de la costa de chile, aunque las posibilidades que una pers
temperatures: the water temperature is 67 degrees on lake michigan the mold count is high today not as extreme as yesterday but still up there that's bad news for the allergy sufferers. we have 40 degree temperatures in the suburbs no more 60 degree weather. 59 degrees at both o'hare and midway airports ... here is how the pattern lays out with this powerhouse jet stream running across canada ... we have another front sitting there and spinning over us the war mayor goes over the top of it getting canada 80 degree temperatures and here we are in the sixties ... the warm air will eventually spin here and kick this thing out by mid week next week and we will be back in those warmer temperatures ... we have spotty skies through tomorrow morning. we go through saturday with rain in the area and sunday as well. there will be some holes in it and breaks in these clouds from time to time ... but the moisture is pretty impressive coming out of these cloud patterns. in counties that are adjacent to lake michigan could be in for an inch or more of rain. temperatures in the 60s today the 40's for t
guys are seeing is a video from the monroe nightly news in monoree county, michigan. it's of agents at the -- atf agents believe that 42-year-old attorney eric chapel was the target of a car bombing that left him and his two young sons severely injured on tuesday evening. >> what's going on here? >> eric chapel works as a managing partner of a law firm in ohio which is neighboring monroe, michigan. it's on the border. he was taking his two young sons to football practice at 5:41 p.m. when the bomb detonated. the atf released a statement on wednesday afternoon all they know is yes, it was a targeted car bomb and it was placed specifically in a place on the family's volvo that would make the most impact. they all survived, the two young sons underwent emergency surgery. and mr. chapel suffered an injury to the right side of his body. people who were at the scene of the fire are saying that mr. chapel dragged his two sons out and saved them. >> is there any speculation as to what case it was that he was on that might have led to something this violent? >> investigators are saying that
. >>> here's a look at some other stories making news. "early today" in america, police say a michigan attorney and his two sons are lucky to be alive after a bomb exploded in their car tuesday evening. the three managed to escape the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the explosion. the man was reportedly released from the hospital. his 11 and 13-year-old sons were last listed in critical condition. >>> in new jersey, newly released surveillance video shows an suv smashing into a jewelry store back in july. a quick-thinking customer pulled the driver's foot off the gas, turned off the ignition and wrapped the injured driver's hand in a tourniquet. thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >>> wildlife officials in colorado are warning residents to lock up their trash at night. that's because the unusual number of dumpster diving bears. apparently a drought in southeastern parts of the state has the hungry animals on a desperate search for food before high b hibernation. >>> here's meteorologist ryan p
be anywhere along these tracks. in the u.s., that means from eastern texas, crossing up through michigan. or possibly just south of florida. >> it's just not under control at all. and that makes it very difficult to predict where it's going to come down. >> reporter: space junk falling out of the sky is more common that you might imagine. it's been raining down on us for 50 years. from the piece of sputnik iv that landed in wisconsin, to parts of a cosmos rocket that landed in kansas, texas and oklahoma. even part of a booster rocket that landed in wyoming this march. the best-known space litter is skylab, which fell into western australia in 1979. but in 1997, a fragment of material from a delta rocket actually landed on a person. lotte may williams, while she was out for a walk in tulsa, oklahoma. >> i started running. then, as i took off, it hit the ground. and it sounded metallic. >> reporter: she may have been surprised. but she wasn't hurt. so, what advice does the only known victim of falling space junk have for the rest of us? >> my advice is to be outside. if you see it coming,
inside. the explosion happened while they were driving in monroe michigan tuesday night they are surprised all three survived the bombing which turned the car into a hunk of medal. we now have a 911 call made by the father. >> i have two significant leg injuries, one is his bottom left leg, and one to his left buttock, 8 tissue wounds, they are bleeding i need someone here now. >> this has now become a federal investigation and police believe the father may have been targeted. he is a well-known attorney for divorce and business dispute cases. all three remain in the hospital in critical condition. >>> time now 4:49, a new look for facebook. but even new changes are coming today. >>> and it is one of california's most famous attractions and why some people are now fighting to keep it out of the spotlight. whoa. you gotta be kidding! you guys are exactly who i had in mind when i created my new jumbo breakfast platter. it's a ton of food: 8 of my new mini pancakes, hash brown sticks, scrambled eggs, plus bacon or sausage, all for only $2.99. it's just the kind of breakfast
south but will eventually do so across michigan and watching disturbances wrap their way around we have the moisture up the east coast. we could highlight the plume of moisture coming out of the central plains all trying to come into the whole central pattern with the disturbance coming out of the gulf of mexico and one larger disturbance right now that one poise today reach us perhaps tomorrow night in through saturday. we have a couple of rounds of heavy rain, but it depends on where the upper low settles. i showers and storms somewhere between baltimore, salisbury and ocean city. the heaviest rain on the eastern shore. continues to pump rain into the region and looks like friday afternoon it is going to be wet and we'll watch the real heavy rain maybe just off the coast or clipping ocean city. 74 is our two degree guaranteed high and showers and storms will continue overnight. how about traffic. >> reporter: 50 westbound at the bay bridge, we have a broken down car at the right lane. also a reminder, the ramp to 100 westbound will be closed until mid fall. let's take a live look at t
dozen fast moving pieces of space junk will come out of the sky and strike ground in texas or michigan, or florida, or maybe into the ocean. >> it just -- not under control at all and that make itself difficult to predict where it'll come. >> reporter: don't panic, that is what then. now they say its clear the bus sized satellite will crash north of australia or near the coast of chile, maybe. as this shows most of its expected to burn as it comes in but about two dozen pieces are expected to fall to earth as far as five hundred miles apart. the odds of anyone being hit are long, about one in 3200, but it happens. >> the chance of getting in a car wreck is one in 16, so, this isn't really much to worry about. >> reporter: just ask lonnie. she was walking when she was struck in the back in 1997 with a piece of a rocket and the only known victim of falling space junk has advice. >> my advice is to be outside if you see it coming, run. >> reporter: to put it in perspective the odds of being hit by lightning are one in a million but it happened to tom burnett three times. so when it com
. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> no kidding. eric chapel was driving through monroe, michigan, with his two sons when his volvo stationwagon suddenly blew up! investigators say the bomb was planted in the middle of the car. his sons suffered bad burns but they're expected to be ok. motive for the attack -- not known. a car bomb on a volvo. >> forget about empty nest syndrome. one man having a real life case of failure to launch. >> as long as you're up, son. >> come on, pop. you two have fun. >> you live with your parents? >> is that a problem? >> watch that movie on vacation, it's fantastic. just like his character, a man in italy is refusing to move out from a childhood home and now his parents are threatening a lawsuit to evict him. they say his 41-year-old son has a great job and fully capable of living on his own. let he continues to live with them rent free demanding home cooked meals and fresh laundry almost every day. what? 41? change the locks! something. >> well, by the way, for terry bradshaw not to win an emmy for that performance or an oscar, that's anti-fo
michigan had been in the race. he had been for several months campaigning and spending time criticizing mitt romney. today he announce he will withdrawal his candidacy. he failed to meet criteria for participation in tonight's debate, failed to attract attention and money. the race is now over and he says he will continue to work from congress on his consecutive principles there is speculation not withstanding his criticism of mitt romney ultimately that is where his support may rest. bret? >> bret: all right, carl. by the way, happy birthday. we will celebrate with a big debate tonight. how about that? >> reporter: thanks, bret. i appreciate it. >> bret: president obama resumes his push for his new stimulus plan today. appearing in cincinnati, ohio. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler reports the president's back-to-work agenda involved working over some republican leaders. >> reporter: the president took the campaign for american jobs act to aging bridge that connects the home state of the republican leaders of the house and senate. he called them out by nam
. >>> three in a car bombing in michigan are listed in serious condition. a 40-year-old father and his two sons were wounded about this blast. authorities are searching for clues on how the bomb was made and of course who may have planted it. >>> two of the cincinnati bengals are being investigated in possible involvement in a marijuana distribution ring. similarson and collins were questioned yesterday, after a package containing pot was delivered to her house. police found another six pounds of marijuana inside, as well as items used to distribute it. arrests are pending. >>> and speaking of nfl players, all of them are now on notice about faking injuries on the field. the league sent a wnining to every team yesterday, amid some speculation that giants players faked being hurt monday night against the rams. that warning threatens fines and suspensions and loss of draft picks if players are found guilty. the giants players say the injuries were legit. >>> and turning to major league baseball. three of the eight postseason spots have now been claimed. we get the highlights from espn news.
in michigan. we found out indeed it was a car bomb. you'll hear the terrifying 911 call. we are live with more on that. jon: we are live at the united nation waiting a speech by -- there he is, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. why statements from this leader in the past could leave him talking to a mostly empty room. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. she is the greatest thing ever. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on lzo it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to legalzoom.com today and complete your will in minutes. legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. jon: perhaps it is no surprise that just after the two american hikers who were unjustly imprisoned in iran were released the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is making new
, a reward is being offered in michigan for information about the car bomb that injured a lawyer and his two sons. it was described as a sophisticated device with a timing mechanism. all three victims are listed in serious condition this morning. >> a mosque has opened a temporary space at the site. they announced their intention to open a mosque at the site of the former world trade center' s. it will be years before the project is completed. >> 70 degrees on tv hill. netflix teams up with discovery. eat.hat the wild things n what is like inside a zoo's kitchen. >> we have kitchen. >> we have the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose, everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi, louisiana, florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning
today. police say a michigan attorney and his two sons are very lucky to be alive after a bomb exploded in their car tuesday evening. the three managed to escape the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the explosion. the man was reportedly released from the hospital. his 11 and 13-year-old sons were last listed in critical condition. >>> in new jersey, newly released surveillance video shows an suv smashing into a jewelry store back in july. a quick-thinking customer pulled the driver's foot off the gas, turned off the ignition, and wrapped the injured driver's hand in a tourniquet. no one was seriously injured. >>> officials are warning colorado ans to lock up trash due to dumpster-diving bears. a drought in the southeastern part of the state has hungry animals on a desperate search for food right before hibernation. stocking up. >>> now for a look at national weather, we turn to wtvj meteorologist ryan phillips. he has the forecast. good morning. >> i like the way that they look at the camera and say,
on michigan street. and if you get accused of a crime, those are the people you want to call. >> that's my approach. and they're both former public defenders, right? >> yes, they are. they are both former public defenders here in san francisco. without giving away too much of the story, there may be a return at some point to that particular office where they would, of course, be working for you. >> anytime. [laughing] there seems to be such a huge disconnect, you know, between what you see on tv and even what you read about. most of the tv shows like "law & order" you have a judge who's eminently fair, a prosecutor who is completely ethical, a defense attorney who doesn't show up half the time. these images really result -- i know this as a public defender, because the portrayals of public defenders are usually negative. why? i ask this to the entire panel. why is there such a disconnect between the reality of what really happens in our court and the way that many americans are force fed, really, this mythology? tony? >> i think in a corrupt society in a perfect society as we have, there h
wallet? facebook >>> in michigan, authorities are trying to figure out who planted a bomb that injured a man and his two kids. >> laura mcdonald has more on the investigation and some of the 911 calls that poured in from the scene. >> 911. >> the 911 lines exploded when police saw the fireball. the 911 calls coming fast on every line. each lines you can see that there is a big cloud of black smoke. >> inside the car was attorney eric chapel. his practice is in a toledo suburb. listen as he calls 911. >> i've got two significant leg injuries. one is in the bottom left injury, bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks, they are chewed up pretty good. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> the boys were air lifted from the scene and they were on their way to football practice when the car exploded. family members are evasive when asked if they are aware of any threats to the family. they also say they are not in a position to talk at this time. at tf agents are on the ground in monroe to figure out who planted the bomb in his car and why. >> someone out there knows what happene
by our parent company. so, now, a republican from michigan has been in the race for the republican nomination but he is out of it he told the detroit news, dhaddeus, he is out. play as good guitar. he is out of the race. president obama still is in behind the scenes effort to stop the inbid for statehood at the united nations. as if that will happen. trying not to have a diplomatic optics disaster. we are live with foreign policy expert on the dash to avoid the diplomatic showdown and a last minute appeal was not enough to stop the highly controversial execution of a convicted cop killer. what troy davis said before the government killed him is next. [ thunder rumbles ] what is the sign of a good decision? in the world of personal finance, it's massmutual. find strength and stability in a company that's owned by its policyholders. ask your advisor, or visit massmutual.com. delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons
the folks at smart balance. >>> new information about the victims of a car bomb in michigan. eric shapel and two sons are expected to fully recover from their injuries. investigators are still trying to determine who planted the bomb and if the father was intentionally targeted. >>> a high school bus trip takes a wrong turn in north carolina. it happens early this morning when a bus driver pulled over to let a car pass. but the road gave way, causing the bus to flip. highway patrol says the shoulder had softened because of all of the rain. >>> it is a familiar ring, followed by unwanted messages. the new nuisance texters are facing. >> it's the familiar ring, followed by an unwanted message. telemarketers are now turning to text, instead of phone calls, and there's little you can do to stop it. >> it's definitely annoying. >> it's just an inconvenience. and it's a nuisance. and i'd rather them not bother me on my cell phone because i thought my cell phone was a private number. >> ads for quick cash, bill collectors or even to find out your secret crush. >> reporter: these are like any ot
39,000 jobs in california, delaware, illinois, indiana, kentucky, ohio, michigan, missri, and tennessee. some have suggested that this program has been slow to spend emergency funding provided in the f.y. 2009 c.r. i say the loan review process is and ought to be strenuous. one company, tesla, originally applied under a different loan program in 2006 and received an atvm loan in 2010. it requires four years of due diligence to review to qualify for the loan and having read many of the press releases that went out when there was another d.o.e. program that was not -- that had ran into difficulties, i didn't note anybody there saying we shouldn't take time for due diligence. due diligence is required. by the way, the company in questi, tess la, employed -- tesla, employed about 400 workers before reiving the loan. today they have 1,400 employees in the fields of engineering, research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, service, sales, and support. the atvm program has an additional 18 loan applications in progress that are projected to create 50,0
his car blows up in michigan. now we're learning more about this case. vic has more after the explosion. >> reporter: police just released the call from 911. his car is on fire, and he pleads with the operator for help. >> we have a vast accident. my car blew up with the two kids. i've got two significant leg injuries, one to his bottom left leg. then one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good. okay? deep tissue wounds. they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> medics rushed the man and his two sons to the hospital. and doctors expect them to make a full recovery. they identified the victim as 42-year-old eric chapel, an attorney who specializes in business disputes. police are not saying whether he was targeted by a client because of his job but they are following a number of leads. >> experts say the bomb was on a timer. >>> convicted killer troy davis was put to death, despite international outcry and doubts about his guilt. >> people who are about to take my life, may god have mercy on your souls and may god bless your souls. >> reporter: minutes afte
a car bombing in michigan seriously injured a lawyer and his two young sons and the cops are reportedly zeroing in on the suspect. it ripped through the dad's car as he drove the boys to football practice on tuesday in monroe. we now have the father's call to the 911 shortly after the blast. listen. >> 911. >> my car blew up with two kids. i'm telling you what's going on with the boys. i've got two significant leg injuries. one in the bottom left injured. his bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks are chewed up pretty good. okay? >> okay. >> they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> shep: the local newspaper, the monroe news reports that police believe somebody packed a pipe bomb with shrapnel and put it under a car seat and that they're looking at one of the father's law clients as a possible suspect. we're told all three victims should fully recover. >>> new violence in a month long uprising. snipers on roof tops and rocket propelled grenades, killing at least ten people and hurting dozens and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. yemen, deadly battles in the cap
of michigan established in 1870. think about the amount of years it's took to build that university into a business institution. you made the choice to come to that school, you've made that choice to gain that scholarship. they've chosen you and you've chosen them and you've been given $40,000 in education over a four-year period of time. that's your due diligence, that's your payment to the school for them allowing you to be there. >> taylor, a fairly rational case for protection of amateurism. how do you respond to that? >> well, it's pretty easy. i mean, to say that getting your scholarship is all the pay you'll ever need is like telling somebody like because they've got medical insurance, they don't need a salary or they're not entitled to a salary. it begs the question. i'm not saying that any school or college must or should pay athletes. all i'm saying is that it's not fair to ban and prohibit them to band together in a cartel and say we're not going to do it so we can keep the money. and no college is allowed to offer money to a player and no player is allowed to receive any
and few answers about a car bombing in michigan that injured a father and his two sons on tuesday evening. they remain hospitalized in serious condition. authorities are searching for clues about how the bomb was made and who might have plant it. >>> suburban milwaukee, a couple of guys are denying they are heroes after saving a man's life. police dash cam video shows the scene as cpr was performed on a bus driver who lost consciousness while behind the wheel. the business partners saw the business go through a stop. that's when they knew something was wrong so they took action. >> we were wondering, what is the bus doing? why isn't it stopping? then we're like, there's no bus driver. >> brake, slowed down the bus and stopped it, threw it in park, checked for a pulse. >> incredible. they started cpr until an ambulance crew arrived. the victim was revooied. the two special needs children on the bus weren't hurt. thankfully. wow. could have ended in tragedy. >> no kidding, wow. >>> here's a look at thursday weather. rain along the eastern third from new england down to florida with the heav
are hoping for a good weekend ahead. here's a look at stories people are talking about right now. michigan police are trying to figure out who planted a bomb inside of the car of an area tuesday. it exploded injuring eric chappelle and his two with sons. >>> just in, after spending months in a coma, brian stowe is alert and asking for his family. he was severely beaten this past march. he had major surgery a week ago and is making a slow recovery. when he was shown a picture of his children, stowe responded i'd like to see them. the american flag is flying over the u.s. embassy in tripoli. the u.s. ambassador to libya returning to the capital yesterday for the first time since last year to lead the post gadhafi era. after months of heated protests an islamic cultural center near grds in new york opened its doors. developers first ran in to controversy when they announced the plans in may of last year to open a mosque at the site that was damaged in the 9/11 attacks. the center is open to all faiths and includes a 9/11 memorial. >>> 2010 census data released today shows the recession has ha
updates on the story as it evolves. >>> in michigan, a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information can lead to an arrest in this car bombing. it happened in monroe, michigan. about 40 miles south of detroit on tuesday. a well known divorce attorney and his two sons had just left a football practice when their car exploded. all three were seriously injured. listen to the father's 911 call. >> monroe county, 911. >> my car blew up with two kids. you've been called already but i'm telling you what's going on with the boys. i've got two significant leg injuries. one to his bottom left leg and one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good. okay? >> okay. >> they are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> wow! both children and their father are now in stable condition. federal investigators stay bomb was a sophisticated device that had a timing mechanism. >>> two people accused of posting false rumors on social media about school attacks in eastern mexico walked free yesterday after authorities dropped terrorism charges against them. the person spent nearly a month behind bars a
. >>> have you heard this? dramatic 911 call after this car bombing in a michigan neighborhood. >> 911. >> okay, we have a bad accident. any car blew up with two kids. called on already. i've got two significant leg injuries. one to the bottom left injury, his bottom left leg and then one to his left buttocks that are chewed up pretty good, okay? >> okay. >> eight tissue wounds that are bleeding. i need someone here now. >> why was this family, father, two sons, on the case? "the situation room" on the road, day four. stay with us. wolf will join me live from new york. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. >>> designed for maximum damage, what police are now saying about thi
people lived in poverty in america. that is essentially the populations of california and michigan combined living in poverty in america. it's really moral outrage that in the richest country in the world so many americans are facing or living in poverty, lacking economic opportunity and economic security. shamefully our children bear the greatest burden. in 2010, 22% of one in five children live in poverty. that's in america. and poverty continues to hit communities of color much harder as the facts show. in 2010 the poverty rate for whites rose to 9.9%. the poverty rate for african-americans rose to 27.4%. the poverty rate for latinos rose to 26.6%. and for asian pacific americans, the 2010 poverty rate of 12.1% remained the same. the massive poverty crisis as we are facing, it didn't happen overnight. the poverty rates began to rise during the bush administration and eight years of failed economic policy wiped out all of the gains made during the clinton years. the co-chairs of the out-of-poverty caucus saw this day coming, and while little attention has been placed on the poor,
in michigan now searching for a motive in this mafia style car bombing. we'll show you who was inside when it exploded into flames. and we are getting new information into the newsroom now involving mysterious markings found on a southwest airlines plane. investigators say they are concerned about the messages written in arabic. we investigate. >> it raises the issues, airports are supposed to be very well policed, lots of security cameras everywhere. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. so, look for these special pks to see how you can help your local volunteers. duracell. trusted everywhere. [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree wl see. ♪ as we're living
children. the developer pointing out the featured photographer is jewish. >>> from newbury, michigan, 99-year-old george harris received his diploma. the state only got around to giving him the sheep skin. he says he hopes his story inspires younger people to stay in school. >>> just minutes ago, the chairman of the joints chief of staff accused pakistan's intelligence service of helping a terrorist group and its mission to kill americans. the group recently attacked the u.s. embassy in afghanistan and our barbara starr takes a closer look. >> cnn has learned that the cia and pentagon agreed last year that the spy agency would step arm drone attacks inside pakistan against a terrorist network known as the h ara send fighters across the border of afghanistan to kill american troops and attack high profile targets like the u.s. embassy in kabul. it began after general petraeus went to the cia for help acco according to a senior u.s. official. u.s. troops cannot cross into pakistan. cia drones for now are the only way to get to ha qa ni strong held. the obama administration has pushed to go
are on the order for governor focused in which a nap when i had been waiting way back now in michigan. said they had to step a. it's a proportion and may have been captured are 1% or she% over a period of time, a decade. it seems to me in going very pickier an opportunity for a great deal of creativity. this has got to be a legislator's dream to get up-and-down vote. that just never happens in this world and washington. you couldn't really get that to happen in the state legislature very easily. so the idea you can put one thing that our teacher screams for a very large package because the bigger it is, tougher days to vote against if it is the solution. you don't want to go small. you want to go humongous because it's just impossible to vote against at that point. yes, there'll be lots of things people don't like, that much more people that they will like and the benefit of that gain is what carries the day. i actually think we have to be thinking about sensitive or pass budgets on an annual basis, maybe it should be given some annual budget for each of the next 10 years and some baseline
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